Alaska Guide Creations In-Line Accessory Adapter


The Alaska Guide Creations In-line Accessory Adapter is a must have item for all. The Adapter not only attaches to all AGC packs, but also to any other chest harness, backpack, or everyday belt. The adjustable nature of the of Adapter makes it perfect for carrying a radio, GPS, rangefinder, cell phone, and many other handheld accessories. Elastic sides and hook and bungee closing system make sure whatever you choose to carry is secure and protected. The contoured lid edges allow for an antenna to pass by without hindering the fit. Following other Alaska Guide Creations products, the Adapter is made in USA.


3″ (Width) x 4-7.5″ (Adjustable Height) x 2.5″ (Depth)

NOTE: Width and Depth dimensions are relaxed, but can stretch due to the elastic sides.